Vision, Mission & Core Values


Identifying business minds who are capable of becoming  billionaires in future and engage them for mutual support and collective growth.


  • To create an environment to meet and make business friends and thus grow business networks
  • FBNI Network creates the most effective business platform for future Billionaires to share experiences, explore opportunities and grow business locally and internationally.
  • To create a business community by connecting various chapters in different cities and countries
  • To support others in the network with your unique skills and resources

These very basic directives are the driving force behind FBNI and its success. They also help combine resources and monitor the progress of each of these goals, both collectively and as individual members. And they inspire all to keep going.

We want each new network to reap the benefits of a business family committed to helping others as they grow. And we will continue to work to ensure that local business network members rally and rise together to elevate the status of those in need so that the community as a whole is strengthened by the very existence of a Future Billionaires Network!

Core Values

  • Sustainability
    We believe in long-term and robust solutions which tackle issues of strategic importance for corporations and society at large.
  • Principled leadership
    We believe in a new leadership credo, which dispenses with power and embraces generally accepted principles.
  • Community Building
    We believe in the open exchange and interaction of people, knowledge, and services to inspire collaborative growth and well-being.