Corporate Social Responsibility

FBNI has partnered with many charity and social organizations which are not for profit in nature to strengthen its commitment to a better world as an effort towards Corporate Social Responsibility. FBNI is already engaged in creating unique partnerships between people and their organizations, its not out of place to create new models of cooperation and partnerships for the development of its members and the communities around in order to support CSR initiatives.

Through its various partnerships which are actively engaged in CSR activities, FBNI encourages its members towards social welfare, collecting funds and allocating them in various welfare schemes, in support of The United Nations system for a for a better world and The United Nations sustainable development goals 2015 – 2030. FBNI also supports The World Peace and Diplomacy Organization WPDO which was established as a global peace initiative body in line with United Nations SDG 2030.WPDO members share the idea that economic diplomacy provides a solid foundation for international understanding and a more peaceful interaction amongst nations.