FBNI as the name suggests, is a membership-based, by-invitation-only, elite Network of future billionaires with members across various industries. FBNI creates a diverse and multi-cultural atmosphere on our exclusive members’ networking activities with interesting topics, strong networking power, blended with affinity marketing for global business connections.

How was FBNI founded ?

As a management consultant, FBNI Founder, Dr. GD Singh always wanted to form a network of zealous people like himself who have a fire burning in their bellies with a gut as solid as iron, a network of professionals with a passion to achieve something and earn a name. This network would provide the necessary fuel for them to go extra mileage…. and came into existing a club that would label its inmates would something that would define their dreams in one word….Future Billionaires….

Dr. Singh has created various networking platforms and after the birth of AACCI where he has helped to fill the gap between trade and investment, many investors suggested to form a platform where investors could directly meet up with needy young entrepreneurs with an excellent idea that gave way for FBNI.

What are the benefits of FBNI ? Why should one join it?

Major benefits are listed down on FBNI website at following link:

What are various type of memberships available and what are the membership Fees?

Membership categories and respective fee is listed down on following link on FBNI website:

Can you sum up the purpose of FBNI in a simple phrase?

FBNI is a meeting place of like minded entrepreneurs whereby to explore and evaluate opportunities and address them in affinity with like minded entrepreneurs.

Can I attend a global event though I am not a member?

Yes, one may attend a FBNI meeting as a referral guest when one is not a member yet through a member who will pay for your ticket and entry fee.

When was FBNI launched?

FBNI was first conceptualized and launched in January 2020 in Ahmedabad, India.

Where is FBNI HQ?

FBNI HQ or principal chapter is in Ahmedabad city of India.

Which all cities are FBNI chapters so far?

FBNI chapter offices are shortly coming up in India in cities of Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Indore, Chandigarh, Vadodara, Surat, Kanpur, etc.

Outside India, they are planned to come up in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia,  Indonesia, Nigeria, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Ethiopia, USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Greece, etc.

What is Affinity Marketing and how FBNI helps in business to grow?

Affinity marketing is a partnership between two organizations that share the same marketing interests to bring a greater consumer base to their joint service, product or opinion. The partnership thus formed is known as an affinity group.

FBNI conducts 6 Global Gala Events and other sponsored events for its members to discuss different business-related topics and business opportunities, without any need or request for financial obligations. Such meetings become a platform for joint ventures where shared interests are fulfilled and thus help in growth in business.

What type of business portfolios/sectors FBNI members are from?

FBNI members are some of the most sought after and illustrious line of business barons from varied  industry verticals in MSMEs and  Medium & large Corporates. We prefer to include members who are engaged in international business from any industry. Currently, our members enjoy local and international vision with business ventures covering all sectors.

What type of business alliances do FBNI members engage?

Our members are from all industries who discuss small, medium and large local & international business opportunities amongst them. Its a mixed & diversified business alliance platform which doesn’t differentiate on business sizes.

Do you have a physical location of the network for members?

Not at the moment, but we propose to have chapter offices in all major cities through franchisee tie ups very soon.

Can I promote my business in FBNI if I am not a member?

FBNI does not promote any business services or product from non-member companies only our exclusive member can promote any type of their business in our members network through our exclusive events and also with FBNI Magazine called, ” Monthly Future Billionaires” which features monthly activities of various city chapters, highlighting the main events, new members, achievements of members & their brands, featured articles on those members who have sustained their success and pose an illustrious career, inspiring others from their marvelous accomplishments. The magazine brings news from various chapters about tie ups, chapter expansion, new policies, etc. and also the latest happenings in various sectors for the benefit of its members. In addition, the magazine highlights the honour & fame brought about upon its members in their respective fields and their success stories as to how they achieve those goals.

What is FBNI Hall of Fame?

In each Global Gala Event of FBNI, there is an award function where FBNI selects nominations from members based on their achievements which are highlighted and published in FBNI magazine as well.

Once I become a member, can I advertise in your newsletter or on your website?

Yes we accept advertising in our publication and on our website. Send your inquiry to info@thefbni.com

How can I find out if I like to open the Chapter of FBNI in my country?

If you would like to take the FBNI Chapter Franchise than please send your inquiry to email: info@thefbni.com. You can also find the Chapter information and other details on the website www.thefbni.com

I could not find my answer in your FAQ section?

Possible,… in that case, please send your inquiry to info@thefbni.com for personalize answers.