Business Model

FBNI is a network of likeminded future billionaires through membership which is within a city chapter and there could be more than one chapters in a city. The chapters are distributed through franchisee, headed by a Chapter President.  Members in a chapter get together over  6 Global Gala Dinner Events through short seminars based on a business theme. Members across chapters can interact through chapter presidents. Such Gala Dinner Events by FBNI create business friendships, share knowledge, discuss ideas and create business opportunities between and amongst members. Other than business, such get togethers also provide numerous opportunities for great network and a collective work atmosphere.

Every FNBI chapter has a local office to arrange regular meetings to facilitate interesting conversations, exchange of ideas, speaking opportunities and create new business friendships. The members also meet for one-on-one meetings to create the business value, share connections, start collaborations and organize investments.