Rules & Regulations

  • Individuals applying for Membership to FBNI, acknowledge herein that they accept the Membership Requirements and consent to abide by them if such membership is accepted and such consent shall remain in effect, including any changes or amendments as may be added at a later date as long as member remains a member of FBNI.
  • Individuals shall, on their application, provide current, honest and accurate information. If any information is found not to be truthful either at the time of review or if after Membership is granted – Membership may be denied or revoked.
  • Individuals authorize and release FBNI to receive, review, investigate and gather information on the prospective Member for the purpose of investigating their character, general reputation, personal characteristics, mode of living, reputation and financial condition and any other claims made in the application form.
  • Prospective Membership, properly submitted and received, will be generally evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
  1. Prospective member’s reason of interest in membership basis (Social, Lifestyle,Business Info, etc);
  2. Qualifications of prospective member that would deny membership (criminal or other background info that would prevent acceptance);
  3. Member’s notoriety;
  4. Compatibility of the prospective member with the existing members’ lifestyle and basis of membership;
  5. Desire to develop personal or social relationships with existing members;
  6. Moral reputation and personal character of the candidate;
  7. These and other criteria may be used in evaluating candidates for membership.
  • Membership acceptance or denial shall be determined without regard to age, race, creed, national origin, gender, religion or physical disability.
  • A member ship may be terminated prematurely by FBNI temporarily or indefinitely without refund of fee if the conduct of the member is found to be inappropriate i.e. a Member has violated FBNI Rules, Integrity Code, Code of Conduct, violated another Member’s rights or has exhibited a personality or activity unbecoming of a FBNI Member. FBNI’s decisions in any matter related to this is final and not appealable.
  • A member may leave his/her membership by giving written notice by email to FBNI sighting reasons to leave.
  • FBNI is not an equity network and no member shall, by the virtue of FBNI Membership, be an owner, equity holder, partner, nor constitute any equitable or voting rights of FBNI. Such FBNI Membership also does not provide any equitable interest in any FBNI assets, trademarks, access to its offices, personal property, business property owned, leased or utilized in connection with the operations of FBNI. No member shall have any right to any accounting or share in, or designate the use of, the revenues, receipts, income or profits realized from the operation, sale or financing of FBNI or the assets a part thereof. Members are not liable for the debts or other obligations of FBNI, past, present, or future. No member shall have any right to determine any management policies or procedures for FBNI operations.
  • FBNI members are restricted from making statements or providing information to the media, such as news reporters or others in the media, without the express written consent of FBNI.

FBNI Members’ Code of Integrity: FBNI members shall at all times maintain the Integrity Code of FBNI Membership, especially in public. A member shall:

  1. always be a gentleman (or a lady)
  2. be prepared to help others
  3. be respectful of others, particularly other members
  4. respect the laws of the respective society, community and the state
  5. never exemplify bad behavior in public
  6. not be under the influence of drinks or drugs or overly drunk in public where their representation as a FBNI member damages FBNI’s reputation.
  7. dress with dignity when representing or being recognized as part of FBNI
  8. be civil in disagreements, especially with other FBNI members
  9. willingness to assist your Brother (other members) in society
  • Membership fees to be paid and renewed on time.
  • Membership is not transferrable and is not usable by anyone other than the member.
  • Death of a Member voids the membership benefits for that member and online access will be blocked immediately.
  • FBNI requires verifiable Government Issued ID before authorizing membership and may ask such ID to be updated with FBNI prior to expiration of such ID. All information provided to FBNI will be protected and not available to any individual or business or government agency without a legal order from a court of proper jurisdiction.
  • Any FBNI Member found to have intentionally committed any of the following acts or found guilty of any such act, either prior to applying for membership but not disclosing such information, or such act was committed after membership was granted, shall have their membership immediately revoked: larceny, theft, robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, embezzlement, counterfeiting, aggravated assault, murder, arson, bribery, child pornography, child abuse, fraud (any type that exceeds misdemeanor level), illegal drug dealing or trafficking or manufacturing or distribution or transportation, forgery, money laundering or rape.
  • A member shall be responsible for any damage he/she has caused or created when involved in a FBNI sponsored event or when representing FBNI or presenting himself as a FBNI Member.
  • Members shall not remove any property belonging to FBNI or a vendor, supplier, other member, agent, employee or representative of FBNI from any FBNI sponsored event or event sponsored by FBNI vendors, suppliers or related events.
  • Any member found to bring a firearm or a sharp edged weapon that could be used for bodily harm  to a FBNI event as a representative of FBNI or recognized publicly as a FBNI member shall have his/her membership immediately revoked.
  • Members attending a FBNI event or when representing FBNI at other events shall not be disruptive, aggressive, violent, threatening, have rude or boisterous behavior or other actions that are unbecoming of a member representing FBNI.
  • Members shall not be aggressive or overly aggressive with the opposite sex or with other members. Consistent violation of this shall constitute a violation of the code.
  • Members shall not be deemed to be financially irresponsible or repeated delinquent on any debt owed to FBNI
  • Members shall not use, represent, hold events in the name of or hold themselves out to be an agent, officer, executive or owner of – the FBNI, its name, logo, property, have an access to its  offices or other false information that exceeds its  rights as members as are provided in writing on this website.
  • Members shall not duplicate the FBNI logos, trademarks or images on to paper, clothing, products, boats, cars, motorcycles or any other place or surface that are not authorized prints or images without the express written consent of FBNI.
  • Members shall not submit, cause to be submitted or be involved in or assist with the submission of any news, report, public announcement that is printed, written, produced on any form of news, social media, online news service, public media or another manner of submission or posting that is for public or large audience access or visibility – without prior written approval by a FBNI by it’s President / CEO.
  • FBNI, in general and specifically at FBNI sponsored or advertised events – is not liable or responsible for:
  1. Theft of possessions
  2. Damage to possessions, including auto, bike, car, etc. and including technology equipment, recreational equipment and other physical possessions.
  3. The theft of intellectual property, documents, files, other mediums of information.
  4. Any damages caused by the use of Valets or other similar services.
  • FBNI shall have the unilateral right, without notice, to adopt new Rules & Requirements and amend them at any time and from time to time. Any disputes or ambiguities regarding the interpretation of these Rules & Requirements shall be resolved by FBNI. The exercise of any right, power, privilege, or authority that may be exercised by FBNI pursuant to these Rules& Requirements, and any determination, approval or other action that may be taken by FBNI pursuant to these Rules& Requirements, may be exercised or taken at the sole and absolute discretion of FBNI
  • Interpretation of these Rules & Requirements shall be entirely held by FBNI
  • All disputes shall be addressed to a court in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat state, India only.