About FBNI

The world’s fastest growing global affinity marketing & business network group, designed to empower entrepreneurs & business leaders to grow their business limitlessly, we understand what you need the most to accelerate your business, yet still have that local, family-like feel to create a sustainable affinity network of future billionaire.

The Future Billionaire Network International – FBNI is a private by Invitation only membership network, within which premium companies work together for mutual business development. Our goal is to create new business partnerships between billionaire groups & future billionaire catering to the need of SMS, MSME & Even top Corporates and facilitate their Joint marketing activities.

With strong focus in member engagements and collaborations, our members have been growing their connections and business after they joined the FBNI. Backed by an excellent team from varied background in board advisory & management, FBNI believes in Creativity & Happiness. FBNI creates a diverse and multi-cultural atmosphere on our exclusive members’ activities with interesting topics, strong networking power, and B2B connections. FBNI members are positioned to connect with fellow members from local and international chapters.

FBNI hosts annual summits, including the flagship Future Billionaire Meet and Future Billionaire Economic Summit , in order to identify and fix solutions to the most critical challenges faced by organizations today. Members jointly identify & discuss issues which are globally relevant and develop sustainable interdisciplinary solutions.

The FBNI objective is simple: To facilitate cooperation and exciting new business development activities among top-end companies, under the umbrella of affinity marketing, to provide direct access to each other’s pre-qualified, high net worth private customers.

New business partnerships are created through FBNI through strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placements, endorsements, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking, sales and brand exhibition events, and numerous other affinity marketing activities.

The Luxury Network members are receiving a comprehensive program of new pre-planned business development activities and events to maximize their relationships with other brands.