Guest Entry

Guests are allowed to participate in any of the 6 Global Gala networking events of FBNI strictly upon prior approval, based on nomination and payment by a member. Guests could be those who wish to join FBNI as a member on a future date or those referred by an existing member either for the purpose of joining FBNI or as a part of a specially organized event either by FBNI or one of its members or an affiliate body.  Guests must note that there is a fee associated with each networking event which may vary from event to event depending upon variable factors. In case of a membership trial through a guest entry, it could be only once or twice before the guest must take a decision to either accept membership or abandon it. However, all guests are to maintain the decorum of FBNI during the events. For a future member who is attending the FBNI event, its the referral member’s responsibility to guide him for members’ code of conduct.