Here comes the Global Network of Leaders that you’ve been waiting for …

FBNI is a corporate / individual membership based global affinity marketing & business networking platform which is by-invitation-only with members from across various industries sectors especially catering to the need of Young CEOs & Senior Executives who like to exchange great ideas and share experience for sustainable growth in business.


FBNI is all about attending its global events on new business partnerships, strategic alignments, joint collaborations, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking, brand building, public speaking, sales and luxury showcase and numerous other activities.


Members will get to connect with global business leaders through six Global Events every year, forming B2B & B2C alliances provided they ensure solutions to their problems or growth & development through complementary skills.


Lets collaborate to create better eco system for sustainable business with FBNI where business associates will get a platform to kick start through such alliances.

Boost your business, ... reach out to a wider audience, ... take your brand International

FBNI members achieve great success and gain prominence by connecting to a global audience; take your brand to the next level … Come lets join the fastest growing platform creating future billionaires.

Be in the midst of inspiring, encouraging and successful business leaders

Each FBNI meeting is full of overly successful business people, creating a positive and inspiring environment, encouraging you to become one of them

FBNI Mobile App to be launched shortly...

FBNI Mobile App is going to connect all members and to monitor activities that are scheduled. The app gives a member an easy access to all other members for discussions, arranging meetings and start one-on-one business discussions. It also gives an access to the event calendar for 6 scheduled gala events and other sponsored events by various chapters whereby a member can book to attend online. The app also provides complete profile of each member along with the business profile of his/her company. A member can broadcast his/ her business desires to which, if suitable, others can reply back and a meeting can be arranged at the city or state chapter office to discus further. App gives outline and outcome of each gala event as well as other meetings for the benefit of its members.

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