Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd – UBVL

UB Group is a leading brand building and strategic business consulting firm, specialized in incubating, managing and supporting the establishments belonging to SMEs, Corporates and Individuals globally. UB Group brings over a decade of cumulative industry knowledge and experience to help individuals, organizations and Institutions succeed in today’s fast changing environment. The group possesses complementary skill sets, which assist to generate superior returns. It works on the belief that there is always room for improvement in individuals or business establishments. It engages the Theory of Constraints and systematically works on hurdles to improve the performance of an organization. The need is to check the performance output, align it with right cords and place them again in the system which will improve the performance and increase the visibility.

UB Group operates with the mission of helping SMEs and Corporates to expand their market share & help them grow in their respective industries by developing unique supply chain capabilities. It  provides them competitive edge through its business advisory, consulting and other services from its diversified business portfolio. The image of an organization in people’s mind is a perception which can be improved many folds if rubbed on right corners.

Dedicated to providing strategic and tactical solutions of brand building  and corporate strategic management, it works closely with investors, bank owners, entrepreneurs, corporates, institutions, trusts and societies to execute their projects. UB Group also works on individuals to establish them as a brand in their circle. A well-crafted performance evaluation system that is implemented with careful thoughts can transform an organization into one that is performance-driven and outcome-focused.

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