FBNI Franchisee

Having created a basic model for FBNI Network based on  Affinity Marketing whereby members from similar business interest focus on cohesive efforts for synergized results,  FBNI is keen to expand its reach into various corners of the globe through well bred franchisees. It has plans to have its chapter networks in multiple cities in almost all major countries of the world. The fast growing network proposes to have chapter offices in many global locations and has rapid growth plans to open at least 10 International chapters every year.

FBNI has a very strong HQ team of industry professionals with a variety of unique skills to guide and support FBNI Chapter Franchise every step of the way. Franchise potential is limited only by the creativity of the management and the vision and hard work of FBNI Franchise owners. FBNI future is flourishing and it welcomes new global Franchise owners with open arms. Each franchisee office will be headed by a Franchisee President.