The Concept FBNI

As somebody has rightly said, “Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events but great minds discuss ideas”, for great ideas to nurture, great minds need to sit together and brainstorm. FBNI or Future Billionaire Network International is founded on the grounds of creating an environment where such great brains can discuss their ideas with like minded people, support one another and help those who are yet to stand on their feet. This is about dynamic people who think big from the day one, have a clear cut plan to make it big one day and are ready with determination and commitment to give their 100 percent behind it. All great ideas are like young saplings that need extra care in their initial days which if not available will kill the sapling. The platform FBNI has been raised for those who believe in themselves but need shoulders to lean on while their ideas are being nurtured in the right direction. Its meant for those who are not born billionaires but are ambitious enough with guts of steel to become one, one day.

FBNI is a network where such young dynamic business minds who deem themselves a billionaire in the future would find solace in the midst of other like minded business people easily accessible to showcase and discuss their business nitty gritties which requires outside support; a meeting place where skills would complement for businesses to flourish in the presence of needed resources to flow openly.

FBNI is a corporate / individual membership based global network  which is  by-invitation-only   with members across various industries ranging from private sectors, government entities, diplomats, heads of organisation, serial entrepreneurs, Investors & business councils.

A global affinity marketing & business networking platform founded  by Dr. G.D Singh, Founder & President of Unified Brainz Group Holdings LLC with an over decade of experience in managing global networking, personal branding & affinity marketing launched this network especially catering to the need for Young CEOs & Senior Executives to exchange ideas and sharing experiences for sustainable growth in business. FBNI provides strategic foresight to public and private entities who envisage growing into global and principled organizations.