Benjamin Musunza



NAME                                      :           BENJAMIN MUSUNZA

ADDRESS                                 :           P. O BOX 8079-00200, NAIROBI.

TEL.                                         :           +254 724 996 346

E-MAIL                                                :  /

MARITAL STATUS                    :           MARRIED

NATIONALITY                          :           KENYAN

PIN No.                                    :           A004895348L

DATE OF BIRTH                       :           26/4/1980

PROFESSION                            :           HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT


DATE                                       :           2014 – to date

Employer name and address  :           North-Link Construction Company

Position Held                           :           Human Resource Manager

DATE                                       :           2012 –to date


Employer name and address  :           Neighbourhood Development Initiative

Position held                           :           Head of Administration


DATE                                       :           2013 – to date

Employer name and address  :           Medishare Africa

Position held                           :           Director/ Board of trustee


DATE                                                     :               2008 – 2013

Employer name and address      :               Innovation in Comm. Dev. Agency

P.O Box 1389-90100, Machakos; Kenya.

Position held                                      :               Executive Director


DATE                                                     :               2010- 2012

Employer name and address      :               The Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation

P.O Box 10057-00100, Nairobi; Kenya.

Position held                                      :               Community Knowledge Centre Manager

Responsibilities                                 :               In charge of:-

            • Centre’s daily life and its strategic vision for the future.
            • Making it happen by writing a working plan for the coming year.
            • Managing the budget
            • Making it sustainable by marketing and advertising Centre’s activities.
            • Recruiting volunteers and employees.

DATE                                                     :               JAN. 2009 – DEC. 2009

Employer name and address      :       Equatorial Community Development Initiatives (CEDI)

  1. O Box 2036-90100, Machakos; Kenya.

Position held                                      :               Human Resource Officer

Responsibilities                                 :               Administration of training needs analysis and managing

delivery of training and development plans, managing and monitoring the recruitment process of all job categories and ensuring it is in line with organization’s objectives, ensuring that all the organization’s HR policies and practices remain legally compliant while developing, formulating HR procedures.


  • I have done 34 community water projects in arid and semi arid areas of Kenya
  • I have paid school fees to needy children.
  • I empower youth and women


  • Mwingi Central Constituency

Member of Oversight Committee. To oversight all projects implemented through Constituency Development Funds (Mwingi Central)

  • Mikuyuni Academy

Board member of Mikuyuni Academy School

  • Tabitha Childrens Home

Board member at Tabitha Children home


Date                                      :               2018 – To date

Program                               :               My Body Is My Body Program – (UK)

Position                               :               Ambassador- Kenya 

Date                                      :               2018 – To date

Organization                      :               Nepal Journey – (USA)

Position                               :               Goodwill  Ambassador- Kenya 

Date                                      :               2015 – To date

Organization                      :               We Care For Humanity – (USA)

Position                               :               Publicity Ambassador- Kenya 

Date                                      :               2016 – To date

Organization                      :               World Aid Organization for Human Right -(Spain)

Position                               :               Ambassador- Kenya

Date                                      :               2016 – To date

Organization                      :               World Peace Committee

Position                               :        Council of Representative of World Peace Committee, Kenya 

Date                                      :               2016 – To date

Organization                      :               Philanthropy International Organization (P-I-O)  – (Greece)

Position                               :               Country Representative 


  • Year 2012 I was awarded for being the best Community Knowledge manager by CISCO through their Digital Village centres that they established in Kenya.
  • Year 2016 I was awarded by a medal for being active in Humanitarian activities by We Care for humanity.
  • Year 2018 I was awarded by World Peace and Diplomacy Organization as WPDO Exemplary Star Medallion


DATE                                     :               May 2011 –  2015

University                           :               Kenya Methodist University

Title                                       :               Bachelor of Business Administration

DATE                                     :               JAN. 2010

Organization                      :  Partners of Cisco’s Commitment to Clinton Global Initiative in Sub                                                         Sahara Africa: – Cisco Networking, APPLESEEDS Academy and                                                         One Global Economy through Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation

Title                                       :               Training on Community Knowledge Centre Managers

Award                                   :               Certificate

DATE                                     :               25/2/2010

Organization                      :               INVENEO

Title                                       :               Inveneo Basic Computer Training

Award                                   :               Certificate

DATE                                     :               1st  Nov. 2006 – 10th Nov. 2006

Organization                      :               ICIPE

Title                                       :               Training on Apiculture (Bee-keeping)

Award                                   :               Certificate

DATE                                     :               2005 – 2006

University                           :               University of Nairobi

Title                                       :               Human Resource Management

Award                                   :               Diploma – Credit

DATE                                     :               Oct.2004 – Jan. 2005

University                           :               University of Nairobi

Title                                       :               Personnel Management and Industrial Relation

Award                                   :               Certificate – Distinction

DATE                                     :               Jan 2004

College                                                :   Glorious Gerar Computer College

Title                                       :               Computer Application

Award                                   :               Certificate

DATE                                     :               2002 – 2003

School                                   :               Kyuso Boys’ Secondary School

Award                                   :               KCSE

DATE                                     :               1998 – 2001

School                                   :               Tseikuru Secondary School 

Award                                   :               KCSE

DATE                                     :               1988 -1997

School                                   :               Muunguu Primary School

Award                                   :               KCPE


DATE                           :           2004

Driving Licence                  :               Class BCE


Out of the nine Community Knowledge Centres (CKC) in Kenya established by Partners of Clinton Global Initiative:- Cisco networking, Appleseeds Academy and One Global Economy, i was awarded for being active in community mobilization and utilizing community resources. 


  • Making and meeting new friends
  • Helping others
  • Travelling
  • Reading and learning new things
  • Singing
  • Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd,
    301/1, H.K. House,
    Nr. Bata Showroom, Gujarat Tourism Building, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380009
  • +91 97271 72711
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