FBNI Patrons  are those who support its  mission & vision and are committed to its core principles. FBNI Patrons are its founders and those who have been associated with its activities from the beginning. Patrons have contributed immensely in its conceptualization and later in its nurturing into various city and country chapters. Patrons’ own values are often reflected in FBNI’s values and its functioning, asserting vividly the future pattern of FBNI modus operandi. The patrons seldom take part in its day to day function, however, they share their views on important decisions. We invite people with like minded thoughts to apply for patronship in FBNI.

  • Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd,
    301/1, H.K. House,
    Nr. Bata Showroom, Gujarat Tourism Building, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380009
  • +91 97271 72711
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